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For who?

Volunteering at Tree of Life Wildlife Rescue center & Botanical Gardens is for the ecologically responsible tourist !

The green tourist wants to:

  • experience the rich bio-diversity of Costa Rica
  • work and live in harmony with the environment (lives in a rustic/simple house)
  • minimizes impact (leaves a low “carbon foot print”)
  • respects local culture
  • donates his/her time (minimum 4 weeks) in working hours and receives a life-time experience in exchange.
  • work/live individually or with others.
  • must be 21 +
  • builds environmental awareness
  • is interested in local flora and fauna
  • is aware of the climate in Cahuita (“tropical rain forest”)
  • provides financial benefits for conservation (by renting the accommodation in the park you provide an income source to Tree of Life. Tree of Life does not receive any governmental funding.)
  • is aware that the center of the town is 3 km away (bicycles are available for rent in town, walk to town is 30 minutes.) (Entertainment is not offered for the evenings)
  • working and living in a jungle setting involves being close to wildlife and the insect kingdom.
  • is making a commitment
  • a basic knowledge of the English or Spanish language is necessary.

Basic volunteers jobs are:

  • Preparing food for the animals
  • Feeding the animals
  • Cleaning cages
  • Building and repairing enclosures
  • Observing the animals
  • Planting trees
  • Gardening
  • Build and clean roads

If you like more information > Please write us. Tell us why you would like to work with us, what your working experiences are and possible skills. Let us know in which period you are interested.
We will send you more info.


Volunteer house

Volunteer house

Volunteer house

Volunteer house

Volunteers working in rain or shine

Volunteers helping clean habitats

Volunteer working in the bush

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